Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.04


Encounter #25 A1-1: Into the Mountain
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Hobgoblin Soldier (Soldier 3) x4
Hobgoblin Warcaster (Controller 3)
Encounter Level 3- 750XP



Moonday, 17th of Fireseek, 2000.

The adventurers creep down a well-worn, but much narrower passage- off the main drag, towards the sound of Goblin insults. Winstanley goes ahead, sneaking to a half-open door, he peers inside; a bunch of militaristic looking Hobgoblins, Bloodreavers- the Halfling wonders, are roughing up… a Halfling. The room itself seems to be some sort of storeroom, barrels and crates here and there.

Winstanley is not happy, a moment later his colleagues are gathered, ready to spring their surprise.

Dirty is first into action, the screaming Dwarf gets the Hobgoblin’s attention, Charging into the nearest Soldier and smashing it with his vicious maul. Kaspard’s Lance of Faith burns the same Soldier- it’s bloodied; Winstanley’s Sly Flourish almost finishes the Hobgoblin off. Which is Phrenic’s job, the Tiefling Charges in and cuts the first Hobgoblin Soldier down.

Grey’s Magic Missile slams into the Hobgoblin Warcaster, just to make sure that they have the Hobgoblin’s complete attention. Randal Halfmoon, the captured Halfling, dodges away from his Hobgoblin captors, he’s looking for somewhere safe to hide.

Kaspard moves into the chamber and unleashes her Radiant Hands, alas only one of the Hobgoblin Soldiers is affected and slightly burnt. Dirty and Phrenic continue to hold the front line, Winstanely dodging in and out- trying to find an opening. The three remaining Hobgoblin Soldiers move forward in a similar fashion to the adventures, forming a line to keep the guys away from their leader the Warcaster. Dirty and Phrenic get flailed, both are left hobbling- slowed.


Hobgoblin Soldier- A Hobgoblin with Menace.

Grey moves forward and unleashes his Fire Shround- two of the Soldiers are burnt, and for a moment on fire, the pair beat out the flames upon them in seconds however- slightly underwhelming from the mage.

The Warcaster points with its staff and fires a Force Lure at Phrenic, the Tiefling is thumped hard into a wall, sent skittering fifteen feet back. Randall the Halfling has been forgotten, the little fellow scurries into hiding.

Dirty’s Reaping Strike slams into a Soldier, while Kaspard Blazing Starfall only catches one of the Hobgoblins in the front line. Winstanley however finds a way around the goblinoids, the Halfling leaps up and then scrambles over a stack of barrels, while at height he flings down a dagger- a Sly Flourish, and another Soldier is wounded.

Phrenic, now a little behind the action, uses this to his advantage- the Tiefling unleashes his Scorching Burst, catching two of the Soldiers in the flame- bloodying one of them. The Warlord then moves back up to join Dirty in the front line. The Hobgoblin Soldiers flail at the pair, ineffectively.

Grey concurs with Phrenic, he unleashes his Scorching Burst two of the Soldiers are burnt, not content the mage moves forward and into the front line- he carpets the area ahead in flame, his Burning Hands. All of the Hobgoblins are singed, the Warcaster is particularly effected- left burnt and bloodied.


Hobgoblin Warcaster- A Force to be Reckoned with.

The Warcaster has had enough, it too moves into the front line- facing off against Grey, it slams the mage with its Shock Staff, lightning bursts and Grey is left bloodied and dazed- with one hit.

Grey didn’t like that.

Randal the Halfling watches the action but stays hidden.

Kaspard’s Daunting Light, a radiant laser, sears and burns one of the Hobgoblin Soldiers, the creature falls screaming and soon after expires. The Priestess shares a few Healing Words with the now forlorn looking Grey.

Winstanley drops down from his perch- he’s behind the Hobgoblin front line- he stabs his magical dagger into the back of a Hobgoblin Soldier (a crit) and kills it dead. Phrenic’s Steel Monsoon attack slices the last Soldier standing, which is now also bloodied, the Warlock shouts orders and all of the adventurers move one or two paces forward- the Soldier is surrounded and the Warcaster has nowhere to run.

Moments later Grey shakes off the Warcaster’s daze effect- he grins at the Hobgoblin, not a good move.

The angry Warcaster yells and gesticulates wildly, and then unleashes a Force Pulse which smashes into all of the combatants- the remaining Hobgoblin Soldier is almost done for, Winstanley is instantly bloodied and slammed back and brought to his knees, Dirty is hit hard and knocked off his feet, as is Kaspard, who is also left bloodied- Grey and Phrenic manage to ride the force wave a little better, although the latter is bloodied too.

Just a note to say that the attack delivered 81 points of damage- the PCs are left gawping, as the Warcaster screams terrible insults at each of the adventurers in turn, they thought they had this encounter bested.

Dirty gets to his feet and unleashes his Spinning Strike- the last Hobgoblin Soldier has his features rearranged, and then flops to the floor dead.

Kaspard, likewise, gets to her feet and bathes the Warcaster in Sacred Flames, the Hobgoblin leader is almost spent. Winstanley’s Sly Flourish finishes it off.

The encounter is over.

It’s at this point that the guys figure out it would have been better if they had taken a prisoner, they somehow got sucked into the action- and angry with the Warcaster, still they have Randal. The guys also make a mental note to try and take down any other Hobgoblin Warcasters they encounter as quickly as possible- I think they also said this the first time they fought one of these fellows.

Randal Halfmoon, the Halfling, scurries out of his hiding place, he capers a little and then introduces himself to the adventurers, slightly in awe of their prowess.


Randal Halfmoon, of the Halfmoon Clan- they get everywhere.

The adventurers have questions, Randal has answers- the Seven Pillared it seems is not very far off, his family- the Halfmoon clan run a bar there- at which the guys are now guests. As to the Bloodreavers… Randal clams up a little, he’s heard of them he states and pointedly stares at the dead Hobgoblins that litter the chamber. It seems that the adventurers have already made their mark on the Bloodreavers. Randal promises that he’ll tell all that he knows later, but for now… its time to enter the Seven Pillared Hall, hanging around in the Labyrinth is not recommended.

The Hobgoblins are searched- a little gold found, the bodies are hidden away and the place cleared up, half-heartedly, soon after the guys head off- following Randal to the Seven Pillared Hall.

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