Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.06


Moonday, 17th of Fireseek, 2000.

Randal, it seems, has also been busy- the adventurers do their best to learn the names of all those present at the meeting, they are- Phaledra, the Priestess of Erathis; a gaggle of Halfmoons- including Randal of course.


Kobold Scout- Charrak- bloody hell they let anyone in here!

Charrak, the Kobold Guide that Gendar told them about, and a Tiefling Merchant by the name of Noristo Azaer. The later is immediately filed under ‘suspicious’, he has a way about him- he also seems to know much more than he is saying, at least the guys think so.


Tiefling Merchant Noristo Azaer, of the Azaer Trading House, and dodgy- because he’s a Tiefling.

Racism is alive and well, and the guys are a little out of their comfort zone- a Kobold, a Drow, and an Ogre- all of which they cannot kill; if things get any worse they’re going to have to role-play.

The adventurers, it seems, are being co-opted into a conspiracy- almost without being asked. The Priestess, Phaledra, leads the meeting, she starts off by telling the guys about the recent changes in the Seven Pillared Hall. The place has, in the last six months or so, fallen under the control of the Bloodreavers, the foul goblinoids are now seen everyday in the Hall, Brugg the Ogre and the Hall guards have been paid off, or else threatened into serving them. The Hall, Phaledra goes on to state, used to be controlled by a group of spellcasters known as the Mages of Saruun- these strange Wizards controlled trade here, and through the Ordinator Arcanis (a Wizard of their order) enforced the rules in the Hall, and collected taxes. The Bloodreavers it seems are now receiving the taxes, but are doing little to maintain order in the Hall- in fact things have got much worse, Phaledra is convinced that at least half-a-dozen people have disappeared of late, in the last three months or so. The Priestess is also convinced that those missing have been killed, or else taken by the Bloodreavers.

The problem is the Ordinator Arcanis has not be seen for some time, perhaps four months- in times past the mage’s would just appear in the Hall and use their magical powers to enforce the laws of the place. Bad things have happened in the last few months- robberies, at least one murder, the disappearances; and yet the Ordinator has not appeared, hence the Bloodreavers being able to infiltrate the Hall and take over. Phaledra looks at Kaspard, and then Phrenic, and then begs the adventurers for help.

After a short private chat the adventurers agree that they will aid the assembled residents, it seems their problems coincide- the Bloodreavers need to be taught a lesson, or better still destroyed.

The guys first thought is to contact the Mages of Saruun, this idea however is quickly quashed, the Ordinator Arcanis (as already stated) would simply appear- teleport in perhaps, when they were needed… None of the inhabitants of the Hall are aware of the location of the Mages, or indeed how to contact them…

Which is odd of course.

Which brings the adventurers neatly to the Bloodreavers- perhaps the guys should pay a visit to their lair? Their co-conspirators, the inhabitants of the Hall, are very happy with this option. Phadera tells the guys about the Chamber of Eyes, an ancient temple to some dark god, and latterly the lair of the Bloodreavers, the place is perhaps a days journey into the Labyrinth, Charrak the Kobold offers to lead the way. The thought is the adventurers will cut the head off the Bloodreaver organisation, and then return to the Hall, and if need be root out the Bloodreavers here, or perhaps ‘investigate’ the Duergar.

And so it is agreed.

The meeting breaks up and the guys head off to sleep, their rest disturbed by dark dreams of ancient Underdark halls, yawning chasms that fall to infinity, and a lurking slithering presence which hunts them down.

Godsday, 18th of Fireseek, 2000.

Early the next day, before the Hall has properly risen, unseen the adventurers head out of the Hall, the Kobold Charrak leading the way, they head into the Labyrinth.

Nearly two hours of role-play in the Seven Pillared Hall, suitably sated- and now itching for a fight, the players are back into action.

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