Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.07


Encounter #26 Random Encounter- The Treasure Seeker.
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Rotwing Zombie (Skirmisher 4) x4
Deathlock Wight (Controller 4)
Encounter Level 4- 875 XP


Godsday, 18th of Fireseek, 2000.

Six hours of arduous trekking through dark, damp and low ceilinged (in places) tunnels, the adventurers are on edge, seemingly spying enemies in every shadow… I ran this section as an improvised Skill Challenge (no XP given), with the loss of Healing Surges for failures- obviously role-played rather than raw mechanics. And then…

Winstanley has opted to move silently and apart from the adventurers, although always keeping the group within sight. The Halfling is a sneaky, and as it turns out- observant, little bugger- he combines a ‘20’ Stealth with a ‘20’ Perception. Moments later he’s back with the party- the Rogue whispers and signals to his colleagues, they’re being followed. Winstanley is not sure what the creatures are- they looked like winged humans but he’s certain there are at least four of them, keeping their distance but at the same time, he thinks, making ready to attack, stalking them. The Halfling advises that they should find a suitable chamber, feign a rest, and lure their would-be ambushers in.

The plan is agreed upon, and thus it transpires, in a slightly larger cavern the adventurers are ‘ambushed’ alas for the ambushers- a gang of Rotwing Zombies, the guys are ready for action.

Note the Deathlock Wight has not been spotted, it arrives later.


Zombie Rotwing- Dead man flying!

The first Rotwing to appear is hit by Grey’s Magic Missile, Winstanley follows up with a Sly Flourish which leaves the creature bloodied, the second is Charged down and smashed by Dirty. Kaspard meantime grabs hold of Charrak the Kobold, ostensibly keeping the little guy safe, but also making sure he doesn’t run.

Phrenic moves in and with his Leaf on the Wind attack slashes and almost slays the first Rotwing, the other flying Zombies attack- another two come flapping into the chamber, one is kept at bay, while the other Charges forward and Slams into Dirty (a crit), the Dwarf is badly wounded.

While creeping out of the shadows comes the Deathlock Wight, still as yet unseen, moments later Dirty is hit by the creature’s Grave Bolt, and left immobilised- his magical black iron armour soaks up much of the necrotic power of the attack.

Kaspard abandons Charrak, shoves the Kobold away, and then rushes into the center of the action- the Priestess is Slammed by a Rotwing en route. She hoists her magical holy symbol high and Turns the Undead- a blast of radiant light illuminates the chamber. Two of the Rotwings and the newly revealed Wight are caught in the blast- sent scuttling back and left immobilised and burnt by the radiant light, another Rotwing is bloodied.

Just a note to say we’re using tiles made from Skeleton Key Games- ‘they look just like the real thing’ as the players said at the time. First time I’ve used the Skeleton Key stuff- excellent, just prepared half-a-dozen typical Labyrinth chambers and passages, printed onto the thick paper/card and blue-tacked down to stop them from shifting. I think I may do some more…

Back to the action…

Grey follows Kaspard’s lead- the mage moves forward and unleashes his Fire Shroud- another Rotwing and the Deathlock, again, are caught in the flame- both are left on fire. Dirty meantime, still immobilised, drops his maul and flings a throwing hammer at the nearest Rotwing- he’s off target but manages to overcome the Wight’s dark power, he can move again.

Phrenic’s Scorching Burst incinerates a Rotwing, that’s one down, another is singed- caught in the blast. Winstanley is swiftly into the action, with his Bait and Switch he stabs a flying Zombie in the back of its leg and drags it into position, caught between Phrenic and the Halfling- the Rogue stabs again and the flailing Zombie is bloodied and almost broken. It fights back but Winstanley is much to quick.

The last two Rotwings are still immobilised, unable to get to the adventurers, one of them is on fire- it continues to burn and is now bloodied. The Wight is likewise situated, it also burns and is now also bloodied, the Deathlock however fires off another Grave Bolt- at Dirty, remarkably it misses.


Wight Deathlock- Wight here, Wight now!

Grey’s Burning Hands catches two of the undead in its compass- and another one of the Rotwings is almost spent. Winstanley slashes hard again and the Zombie before him falls. The last two Rotwings, now no longer immobilised, Charge back into the fracas- the pair flail wildly and miss their targets, one of them is still on fire.

The undead rabble are falling apart, rapidly.

The Deathlock Wight claws at its face, rips what’s left of its flesh from the bone- Dirty and Kaspard are caught in its Horrific Visage and sent skittering back, gagging and retching at the creatures appalling self-inflected injuries.

Grey fires off a Magic Missile, bores a hole in the center of the nearest Rotwing’s skull, it flops to the floor- dead. Just one Rotwing still flying, the foul undead Slams into Phrenic and claws at the Tiefling.

The Deathlock Wight, no-longer immobilised, is smarter- it flees, or at least attempts to- Dirty smashes the creature, stops it from going anywhere. Kaspard and Grey meanwhile come to Phrenic’s rescue with a Daunting Light attack from the Priestess and a Magic Missile from the mage, the last Rotwing is almost broken- Phrenic’s Viper’s Strike ends it.

Winstanley scurries after the Deathlock, spins out a dagger with a Sly Flourish and cuts the foul undead- badly, it’s barely able to keep its feet, the Wight attempts to flee again- to get away from the hurt. Dirty ends the creature.


The guys break for a short rest, Charrak has proved his mettle, the Kobold remained at Kaspard or Grey’s side throughout the fracas, no signs of the little feller running- the guys are impressed.

Charrak explains that it’s a two hour journey still to the Chamber of Eyes, the Kobold suggests that they get a little closer and then find a spot to rest up for the evening- then venture into the Bloodreaver lair fully rested on the next day. Charrak is a smart little fellow- he’s being paid by the day, although the amount is far from prohibitive. The guys think it a sensible idea.

And so an hour or so later Charrak has located a suitable cavern with only one exit, they adventurers have established a watch rota and Grey has cast his Alarm ritual in the very next chamber, if anything gets too close the mage will awaken. Furthermore Dirty and Phrenic have agreed to rest in the entrance to the cavern, any intruders will have to get through them first.

And so it proves…

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