Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.08


Encounter #27 Random Encounter- Pack Attack.
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Hyena (Skirmisher 2) x7
Encounter Level 4- 875 XP


Godsday, 18th of Fireseek, 2000.

The adventurers retire for the evening, but less than two hours later are awake in a rush- Grey (his alarm went off) and Dirty, who was on watch, shouting and kicking the guys awake. Moments later a pack of feral Hyena’s, initially frightened by the sound of the alarm, but now emboldened by the scent of man-flesh, come rushing in- the guys are only just ready for them.

Dirty and Phrenic are almost overrun by the braying, snickering hounds initial charge- both are bitten twice, however both defenders strike out as Hyenas try to get past them, together they manage to keep all seven hounds at bay- Phrenic almost bloodies one with a crit.

Which is all the time that Grey needs- the mage fills the entrance to the chamber with flame, his Scorching Burst- three of the Hyenas burn, one is left bloodied.

Winstanley is quickly to his feet, the Halfling spins out two daggers in quick succession, both thump into the flank of the same Hyena, the creature is left beyond bloodied almost broken. At the back of the cavern Kaspard supplies the artillery also- her Hands of Radiance strike two of the beasts, while her Blazing Starfall hits three more- almost all of the hounds are bloodied, or else wounded.

Phrenic slashes at another with his Leaf on the Wind attack, Dirty’s Crushing Blow smashes another- the Dwarf follows up with a Cleave- and smashes two of the Hyena’s down, they’re the first to fall.


Hyena- a little ruff!

Grey’s Scorching Burst comes again and two more of the Hyena’s are instantly incinerated, a third is badly burnt- only just able to stand. That’s four down in total.

The pack’s resistance is broken, this prey is far too capable, the Hyenas want out- the first to flee has to traverse a corridor of pain- slammed by Grey’s quarterstaff and then fatally cut by Phrenic’s longsword- it fails to exit the chamber. The second is better positioned- it runs. The third alas is stuck, there’s no way out, it settles for snarling, yapping and attempting to bite Dirty.

Bad call.

Winstanley’s Sly Flourish dagger thumps into the creature’s back, Kaspard’s Daunting Light burns it, while Phrenic’s Steel Monsoon brings it down.

Six of the seven Hyenas are destroyed, the last poor bugger- burnt and bloodied, escapes with its life, but only just.

Charrak, the Kobold, sits at the back of the chamber grinning, clearly these fellows are more than up to the task. The Kobold offers a few words of sage advice, a little while later and the camp site has been cleared, the dead Hyenas taken a way off and thrown into a handy crevasse- as Charrak advised, they don’t want to attract any more predators.

Soon after watch is reset- as is Grey’s Alarm, and the adventurers bed down for the remainder of the night- which proves to be uninterrupted.

And the PCs are loving this by the way, I think a large part of it is the floor plans, winding passages and rocky chambers that look just like they’re supposed to, only 2D of course. The monsters they’ve fought are also the kind of mongrels they expect to find in a place like this- it seems eerily real at times. Before the fight commenced all the players were ‘shushed’ into silence by Winstanley (Paul), and they did- they all went silent, so I did the sound effects (sort of)- a yapping laughter, or as close as I could get.

Iain (Grey) immediately (actually after I’d had two goes at it) said- ‘Hyena’, so I’m not that bad at animal noises. A good narrative also helps, I’ve been laying it on thick with the spookiness of the Labyrinth, dice rolls- making pretend notes, dimming the lights, that kind of thing. They were a little on edge…

Which is great.

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