Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.09


Encounter #28 C2: Guard Room.
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Goblin Skullcleaver (Brute 3) x4
Bugbear Warrior (Brute 5)
Encounter Level 3- 800 XP




Waterday, 19th of Fireseek, 2000.

Just over an hour later, as Charrak predicted, the PCs are cautiously entering The Chamber of Eyes, which by the look of it has seen better times, the entrance chamber is empty- Winstanley, quietly and cautiously, investigates.


In short order a set of reinforced (and formerly locked) double doors are checked out by Winstanley- there are voices beyond them, Goblin voices. The Halfling Rogue climbs up onto a balcony at the far end of the chamber- there’s another door there, also formerly locked, and within a short passage leading to a short flight of stairs which head down into a guardroom- inhabited.

Winstanley takes a look- the guards seem to consist of a Bugbear and a bunch of Goblins- easy work. The grinning Halfling heads back to tell his friends- note for all of this section, maybe 8 or so dice rolls, Winstanley lowest roll is an adjusted 25- not bad.

A little while later Winstanley and Phrenic are up on the balcony ready to shove open the door and dive in.

At the main doors the other PCs await the signal.


Go! Both sets of doors are kicked open…

Winstanley scurries in his Deft Strike causes the Bugbear Warrior down the stairs to scream, while back in the main entrance Grey’s Scorching Burst singes both Goblin Skullcleavers present in the corridor ahead.

Back up on the balcony Phrenic races past Winstanley and leaps down the stairs into the guard room- skewering a Goblin in the process. At the main entrance Dirty Charges the nearest Goblin and smashes it with his maul.


Goblin Skullcleaver- Nice hat!

What an entrance.

Winstanley darts forward and with his Bait and Switch manoeuvres the Bugbear into perfect position, and then stabs him (a crit), the Warrior sags, bloodied already. One of the Skullcleavers moves to aid his boss and slams Winstanley with its battleaxe, the Bugbear tries to brain the Halfling but misses by a country mile with his morning star- Phrenic meantime stabs the other Skullcleaver with his Leaf on the Wind attack.

Back in the main corridor Dirty is Charged by both Skullcleavers, one of the Goblins connects in style and slices the Dwarf with its battleaxe. Grey moves forward to support Dirty- suddenly both Goblins are swathed in flame, their clothes on fire. Dirty delivers a Crushing Blow and the first Skullcleaver gets its skull shattered, its dead. Dirty sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind. Kaspard’s Daunting Light bathes the second Goblin in a radiant light, the creature is left bloodied and glowing.

Winstanley slashes again at the Bugbear but the Warrior turns aside the attack, the Halfling gives ground tumbling back the way he came in to block the exit, the Goblin Skullcleaver cuts him en route with its battleaxe.

The last Goblin standing before Dirty decides that enough is enough as it continues to burn, it flees screaming, or else… it gets maybe two yards when Dirty’s maul comes down hard (a crit) and breaks its spine.


Bugbear Warrior- Mr. Thumpalot!

Grey moves forward, down the corridor- passed Dirty, and to the entrance of the guard room- within Winstanley and Phrenic are holding their own, just, against two more Skullcleavers and the Bugbear Warrior. The mage introduces the element of fire- his Scorching Burst singes the Bugbear, it’s almost done for, and one of the Goblins.

The Bugbear however is made of sterner stuff, it smashes Phrenic with its morningstar (a crit), Phrenic staggers suddenly bloodied, but fights on. The Tiefling skewers the Bugbear with Aecris, and then whispers a few Inspiring Words to himself, his wounds are all but forgotten.

Dirty moves forward into the guard room, connects with a Spinning Strike on the nearest Goblin, leaving the Skullcleaver sprawled on the floor. Kaspard moves up behind the Dwarf, blocking the exit now with Grey- her Radiant Hands fly out and the Bugbear and the closest Goblin suffer, the latter is now bloodied, the former is only standing because its leaning hard against a wall. For good measure Kaspard intones holy Healing Words and Winstanley forgets his pain.

The still smiling Halfling launches a Sly Flourish, aimed at the Skullcleaver sprawled on the floor, the Goblin is almost spent. The creature however is far from finished, it scrambles to its feet, and in a Bloodied Rage smashes Dirty with its battleaxe- moments later Grey’s Magic Missile ends the furious Goblin.

Phrenic cuts down the Bugbear with a Viper’s Strike, then Dirty’s Reaping Strike smashes into the last Goblin standing, the creature it seems is not giving up- it too enters a Bloodied Rage, which alas does not improve its aim. Kaspard engulfs the creature in her Sacred Flame while Winstanley’s Sly Flourish nestles his magical dagger between its shoulders- the last enemy standing falls.

The encounter was too easy, but the players loved it- especially getting the Goblins and the Bugbear trapped in their own guard chamber- reward for some excellent sneaking about by Winstanley, I tried to get one of the bad guys away but… excellent play by the PCs to plug both exits.

The guys make a thorough search of the chamber, and the former inhabitants, they manage to locate a Belt of Sacrifice, the Bugbear was wearing it- Kaspard claims it, it’ll be of the most use to her.


Kaspard- Belt up!

After a short rest Winstanley is sent out again to have a nose around, see what he can see. The Halfling follows the passage to the north and discovers a chamber in which two grey-ish coloured Dwarves are enjoying a repast of some kind, he’s seen them before but can’t remember their name. A little while later, back with the other members of the group, the Duergar are identified- the Grey Dwarves are probably behind the whole thing- Phrenic, and Dirty are sure of it…

Winstanley is sent out again, the guys stay close by, the Halfling sneaks through a set of double doors as quietly as he can, and into a great chapel or shrine, clearly devoted to some dark god- a great eye in bas-relief on the far wall, but that’s not all…

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