Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #9.01


Encounter #30 C3: Refectory.
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Human Bandit (Skirmisher 2) x2
Goblin Sharpshooter (Artillery 2) x2
Hobgoblin Soldier (Soldier 3) x3
Encounter Level 4- 950 XP



Waterday, 19th of Fireseek, 2000.

Dirty is really not happy, bad Dwarves- the Duergar, its like Italian-Americans and The Sopranos all over again (the Italian Anti-Defamation League), Dirty (played by Dave) hates the idea of Dwarves getting a bad rep. Surly- yes, uncommunicative- check, but downright evil- that’s a big no-no. Dirty wants blood… what’s that?


The guys are heading out of the temple when they hear… singing, very loud- and out of tune.

Winstanley creeps off to take a look, the Halfling discovers a room full of Bloodreavers, drinking and gambling- a refectory of sorts- Humans, Hobgoblins and Goblins it seems- the lower ranks. The Halfling Rogue, unseen, returns to his colleagues to tell all.

Dirty grabs his Maul and heads off- someone is going to pay, and for Duergar substitute the Bloodreavers, a minute later the guys make their move.

Phrenic and Dirty Charge into the chamber, they each pick a target- a pair of Hobgoblin Soldiers as it happens, they slice and smash their enemies. Kaspard, in a moment of madness, also Charges into the mix- Bahamut knows why, the Priestess is way off target.

The bad guys get busy and begin their fight back.

One of the Hobgoblin Soldiers mashes Dirty with its flail, another attempts to leap over a table to get at the adventurers and ends up flat on the floor (a ‘1’, followed by a ‘2’). Dirty delivers a Crushing Blow and the Soldier before him is bloodied and almost done for.

Kaspard comes to her senses, she gets the hell out of dodge, reversing out of combat- she’s rattled by a flail in the process. The Priestess sends out her Hands of Radiance, all three Hobgoblin Soldiers suffer- the one on the floor is finding it increasingly difficult to stand, while another is bloodied (with a crit).


Goblin Sharpshooter- Off- target.

Winstanley’s dagger spins out with a Sly Flourish, one of the Human Bandits is bloodied in an instant. Suddenly crossbows twang as bolts karoom and whiz- remarkably no one is hurt, the Sharpshooters ain’t so sharp it seems.

Grey’s Scorching Burst is right on target however, one Hobgoblin Soldier is incinerated, another burnt, the third left screaming in agony, and with not long to live. The Human Bandits fight back however, badly as it happens- Phrenic is scratched by a thrown dagger and that’s about it.

The Tiefling attacks, he stabs a Hobgoblin Soldier with a Viper’s Strike and bloodies it. The goblinoid thumps its flail into Phrenic by way of reply, the Warlord is hurting and left hobbling- slowed. Dirty’s Spinning Strike smashes the nearest Human Bandit, almost broken it too takes to the floor.

Kaspard’s Blazing Starfall leaves the same Human only just hanging onto life (on 1 hit point), while Winstanley Tumbles into the mix, and behind one of the Hobgoblin Soldier’s, moments later the big guy falls- never to get up.


Hobgoblin Soldier- Flailing away!

The Sharpshooters fire again, it seems they have calibrated their hand crossbows, Phrenic and Dirty are both hit, the former is now bloodied.

It’s getting very busy, that is until Grey decides to clear the decks, the mage shuffles forward and unleashes a carpet of flame- his Burning Hands (and rolls maximum damage)- the last Hobgoblin Soldier, and one of the Human Bandits are incinerated, the other Human Bandit is bloodied in an instant.

That cleared the room- only the badly burnt Bandit and the two Sharpshooters are left standing. The hobbling Phrenic takes a step back and whispers a few Inspiring Words to himself, his wounds are swiftly forgotten. Dirty covers the Tiefling’s withdrawal by Charging into the nearest Goblin Sharpshooter and smashing his maul in its face, the Goblin is bloodied.


Human Bandit- Bloodreavers to the end!

Winstanley shoves his magical dagger in the Human Bandits back, it sinks to its knees and then topples forward- dead. Just the Goblin Sharpshooters left, the pair share a look and then flee, remarkably evading Dirty’s wild attacks- they head further into the chamber, make it to a plain looking stretch of wall and kick and paw frantically at the spot, remarkably a panel shifts revealing a secret door.

Grey’s Ray of Frost hits one of the Sharpshooters, it can barely stand, and it’s not getting away, particularly when Phrenic rushes over and with a Steel Monsoon attack decapitates the creature (a crit). Dirty arrives and smashes the other Sharpshooter, Kaspard’s Lance of Faith bloodies it- the Goblin flops on the floor discarding its hand crossbow en route, and begs not to be killed.

The fight is over.

The captured Goblin adds little to the sum of the guy’s knowledge, the Duergar they speculate are the key to this quest, they don’t however have know the location of their fortress- Grimmerzhul, next stop is definitely going to be the Trading Post in the Seven Pillared Hall, time to extract a little info it seems.

The rest of the chamber, and the remainder of the Chamber of Eyes is searched- although the trove turns out to be right here, alongside a pile of gold and silver- it seems the bad guys were gambling, is a +1 Medic’s Mace- straight form Kaspard’s wish list. The Priestess is delighted, for some reason- every now and then, she fancies herself as a fighter… I’m not seeing it myself.

Still, check out Kaspard’s new mace.


Kaspard’s new mace- Scourge of Bahamut!

And with that the guys lock up the two entrances to the area- with Charrak taken inside, the Kobold was left to hide out in the entrance chamber while they fought their way through the Bloodreavers’ lair. They assign watch duties and then bed down for the night- note Grey failed to set his Alarm. Actually I sort of fooled the guys with this one by hand-waving the extended rest and getting them straight onto building, or else printing out and discussing, their new level 5 guys. You’ll see why in a bit.

They wake up the next day a whole lot more experienced…

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