Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #9.07


Earthday, 20th of Fireseek, 2000.

There’s uproar in the Hall; Winstanley and Grey go back to the Trading Post to grab up the unconscious Kedhira, while Phrenic and Kaspard are on crowd control, Brugg is getting pushy and Dirty has not put his maul away.

I tell the players, after I’ve shushed them for long enough for me to speak- they get boisterous at times, that we’re into a Skill Challenge, of the improvised variety, there’s no XP to be gained but what’s at stake is fairly obvious. There are easily two dozen assorted Bloodreavers and a handful of Human Guards of questionable loyalty, and then there’s Brugg.

It goes a little like this… and to be honest I expected mostly Bluff and Diplomacy rolls to follow, boy was I wrong.

Dirty (Dave) produces a stream of very high quality potty-mouth language (naughty swearing at volume), mixed in with a hefty side-salad of physical threats. Then rolls a ‘20’ on his Intimidate check.

The entire Hall shuts up to listen, while Brugg is left grasping, and failing, to construct a suitable comeback.


Ogre Savage- Brugg- Lost for words!

Meantime Kedhira has been dragged out of the Duergar Trading Post, slapped conscious- by Kaspard of all people (brutal Heal check), the Priestess (for the first time ever) is annoyed. She and Phrenic begin to tell their story- right from the very beginning- the Kobolds, the Goblins, Kalarel, the dead children, the missing citizens of Winterhaven, all the way through to the fact that the guys have just kicked ass in the Chamber of Eyes. Basically the Bloodreavers are finished.

Which comes as news to many of the Bloodreavers in the audience, several of whom fumble for weapons, although as many melt into the crowd in search of the exit.

Eventually Kedhira is made to confirm that the Duergar are indeed in the market for slaves, Phrenic concludes that they, as well as the Bloodreavers, are the villains of the piece.

And then Dirty steps into the silence and in a moment of absolute clarity declares that the Seven Pillared Hall is no longer under Bloodreaver rule, the Bloodreavers are vanquished, as is the old order…

Just to say the Skill Challenge was a perfect success, the guys made six rolls, accompanied by a suitable narrative or speech, the lowest roll was an adjusted ‘15’, the guys loved the chance to get a speaking part in front of a big audience- and from my POV it was incredibly reassuring to see them regurgitate the plot.

The few Bloodreavers (very few) left in the crowd attempt to skedaddle, it doesn’t happen, the citizens of the Hall brandishing all manner of improvised weapons ensure the half-dozen or so Hobgoblins and Goblins are going nowhere. Brugg can see which way the wind is blowing, he swaps sides in an instant- and kills a fleeing Bloodreaver for good measure.

‘I neva wantid to doo it- dey mayde me.’ The Ogre declares.

The Hall is under new management.

Kedhira is put in a cell, they guys will have a chat with him later.

The Trading Post is searched, a Holy Symbol +2 is acquired which Kaspard later re-devotes to Bahamut.


Kaspard’s new Holy Symbol- feel the power!

Then back to the Halfmoon Inn, to drink, rest and recuperate.

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