Adventure #2 WOTC H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #9.09


Freeday, 21st of Fireseek, 2000.

Two or so hours later, after a fitting repast, the guys are in another improvised Skill Challenge, this time they’re trying to extract information from their captive Kedhira. They particularly want to know the location of the Duergar fortress- Grimmerzhul.

Alas the Skill Challenge doesn’t entirely go to plan.

After an hour or so of Mr. Nice guy, threats, cajoling- even a little bit of a beating, all the guys have are very hazy directions, there’s a lot of uncertainty, it doesn’t help that the guys don’t know any of the locations in the Labyrinth- Charrak (the Kobold Guide) has to be brought in to aid the discussion.

At which point Kedhira clams up, the Duergar Theurge has nothing further to say, and no amount of persuading will get Kedhira to tell- even when much later on Dirty returns with Brugg to beat the crap out of the belligerent Duergar. Still at least the Dwarf and the Ogre are getting on now.

The adventurers are forced back out into the Hall, they need to consider their options.

Basically the Skill Challenege had very high DCs- Kedhira’s happy to take the secret to the grave, the guys are going to have to find another way, which is exactly what I intended. It’s nice to make them work for it every now and then- not just rely on beating and killing as a form of detection.

Starday, 22nd of Fireseek, 2000.

During the down time Gendar meets with Grey Morlock, the Drow asks the mage to look out for a scepter that the Duergar stole from one his ‘suppliers’, a price is agreed for its return. Grey will, of course, have a good look at the device, if and when he finds it, before deciding if Gendar should have it- basically it depends on how magical, or else useful, the scepter is.

Gendar also gets ten minutes with his favourite Dwarf- Dirty, the Drow wishes to buy the crown he recently liberated from Thain Cardanas in the Labyrinth. Dirty however is not selling, even when Gendar offers a 1,000gp- the Dwarf gets angry, and demands to know who ratted him out- who told Gendar he had the crown. Gendar however does not reveal his sources, Dirty stomps off (as it turns out to go and give Kedhira a beating).

Grey is truly thankful that the Drow, Gendar is a trustworthy soul- how often has that sentence been written?

The guys waste the day, no new information is discovered, even though they make a special effort to visit as many people as they can in the Hall- no-one knows the location of the Grimmerzhul fortress, and as frustrating no-one has seen Vadrair the Sage still- there’s something suspicious going on.

Sunday, 23rd of Fireseek, 2000.

And so after another night in fresh clean sheets at the Halfmoon Inn the guys head out into the Labyrinth again, with Charrak the Kobold as their guide once more. Charrak and the guys have a very rough idea where the Duergar can be found, but it’s going to be a little hit and miss however- although Charrak secures a very favourable daily rate for his services, the Kobold’s not stupid.

To Grimmerzhul… although, in truth, that’s the end of the session.

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