Adventure #02 Thunderspire Labyrinth (Level 4)
Session #8.01 & 8.02 To Thunderspire- An Introduction to the Adventure.
PCs Level 4-

A brief chat and recap of the characters, and what has come before.

Session #8.03 Going in.
PCs Level 4-

The guys enter Thunderspire Labyrinth heading on the road, they hope, to the Seven Pillared Hall- the place is massive and… what’s that- noises, it seems the guys are already back in action.

Session #8.04
Enc#025- Here comes Randal, he’s a Halfmoon.
PCs Level 4-

Down a side passage a poor defenceless Halfling about to take a beating at the hands of a bunch of foul goblinoids, Winstanley says ‘no, not on my watch’-


Randal Halfmoon, of the Halfmoon clan- owner of the Inn of the same name situated in the Seven Pillared Hall is rescued; it also turns out the fine fellows (now all expired alas) that were about to administer the beating were Bloodreavers. Randal and the guys become firm friends in seconds- the Halfling will lead them into the Halls.

Session #8.05 The Seven Pillared Hall.
PCs Level 4-

The guys drop their stuff at the Halfmoon Inn and then take a wander around the Halls- there are plenty of people to meet and much to admire, the guys make a bunch of new friends, learn a little (but not a lot) about the inhabitants of the Hall and then bump into a bunch more Bloodreavers. The guys quickly divine that the Bloodreavers hold sway in the Halls, and they’ve got numbers on their side.

That said the guys also get hassled by the Ogre in authority- Brugg, they trade with a Drow, get cried on (or at least Dirty does) by a Dwarf that’s lost his Dire Boar, and visit a Duergar Trading Post- there’s lots to see and do it seems. Although no-one has seen Vadriar the Sage recently, who Valthrun the Prescient back in Winterhaven told the guys to look up.

Session #8.06 The Secret Meeting.
PCs Level 4-

The guys are co-opted into a conspiracy- it seems many of the residents of the Hall are unhappy with the balance of power at present, the PCs get their worst fears confirmed- the Bloodreavers rule here in all but name, Brugg the Ogre enforces their will. Which generates questions- Grey was almost certain that the Mages of Saruun ruled within the Hall- it seems the aforementioned mages have not been seen for many months, hence the inhabitants bringing the situation to the adventurers attention- perhaps the guys can help out.

It seems they share a common enemy, and with no way to call the Mages of Saruun, the PCs decide they’re going to head to the Bloodreaver’s hide out within the Labyrinth- the Chamber of Eyes, and basically kill them all. The friendly inhabitants of the Hall are overjoyed, they even lend them a guide to help them to their destination- enter Charrak the Kobold… did someone say Kobold, the guys are less than happy and more than a little suspicious.

The guys head off with Charrak, into the Labyrinth…

Session #8.07
Enc#026- Death Stalks the Labyrinth.
PCs Level 4-

The guys, or at least Winstanley, figures out that the gang are being followed- they’re going to be ambushed, why not make it easy on their enemies, the gang are ready for the attack-


The adventurers kick arse and send the undead packing.

Session #8.08
Enc#027- Pack Attack.
PCs Level 4-

Charrak the Kobold turns out to be a cautious fellow, he convinces the guys to rest up in the Labyrinth so as to be on full power when they hit the Chamber of Eyes, and the Bloodreavers on the morrow. Alas their rest is disturbed, although only momentarily, by a bunch of (briefly) braying Hyenas-


It’s a massacre, the guys get the last laugh and kill six of the hounds without breaking sweat.

Rested they move on and enter the Chamber of Eyes…

Session #8.09
Enc#028- Into the Chamber of Eyes.
PCs Level 4-

Winstanley scouts the way ahead and the guys get the drop on the door guards in the Chamber of Eyes-


The Bloodreavers are surrounded and although they fight to the last the adventurers victory is never in doubt, a beautiful entrance. A thorough search reveals the PCs just rewards- Kaspard looks fine in her new Belt of Sacrifice-


Slimming and healthy- a winning combination.

The guys move further into the complex, with Winstanley- as always, leading the way- silent and deadly, unless he rolls a ‘1’.

Session #8.10
Enc#029- Death to the Bloodreavers.
PCs Level 4-

The Halfling Rogue stumbles into a large and creepy looking chamber and is savaged by a Dire Wolf, all the Bloodreavers- or so it seems, come running, he rolled a ‘1’-


But after a titanic battle the adventurers eventually win through- the Bloodreavers, including Krand their leader, are all slain (or so the guys think). The place is searched and evidence found that the ex-citizens of Winterhaven were indeed sold by the Bloodreavers to the Duergar who live in a fortress in the Labyrinth called Grimmerzhul. The grey Dwarves are next on the guys list of things to do (and kill).

Also found is a +2 Wand of Icy Rays, just the job for a mage who spews nothing but fire, particularly when facing Duergar who are immune to the flame, Grey is a two-wand wonder-


Kicking ass and taking names.

Next stop the Duergar Trading Post back in the Seven Pillared Hall, time to drop in for directions to Grimmerzhul.

Session #9.01
Enc#030- Singing!
PCs Level 4-

But what’s this- the guys discover another bunch of Bloodreavers, they work out a few of their anger issues on the poor schmucks-


The beating doesn’t take long and their prisoner has nothing to add to the sum of their knowledge, that said there’s a nice find- straight from Kaspard’s wishlist, a +1 Medic’s Mace for the little lady. The guys bed down in the Chamber of Eyes for the night, after all they also feel a whole lot more experienced…

Session #9.02 Rise and Shine- Level 5.
PCs Level 5-


Level 5- seriously tough.

Session #9.03 The Clock is Ticking- DMs Tactical Device #37F.
PCs Level 5-

But what’s this? The guys wake to discover that one of the Duergar Guards they thought they had killed yesterday, was in fact only stunned, or else playing doggo- Charrak estimates that their enemy has at least a four hour head start on them. The guys have a decision to make- try to follow the Duergar or else try to beat the creature back to the Seven Pillared Hall- and more specifically the Grimmerzhul Trading Post (the players think that must be where the missing fellow is heading, and who am I to disabuse them).

The guys chose the later and with Charrak’s guidance attempt to ‘rush’ through the Labyrinth and back to the Hall, they spend healing surges aplenty, just to try to maintain their pace.

Session #9.04
Enc#031- The King of the Dwarves!
PCs Level 5-

It takes the guys a minute or so to notice that they’ve wandered into a trap, or else the court of the King of the Dwarves, and indeed the Labyrinth-


The guys kick ass and bring the hallucinogenic mad men (and Dwarf) down- Dirty gets the crown. No time to waste however, they rush on…

Session #9.05
Enc#032- The Weakened is Here.
PCs Level 5-

Only this time the guys get tricked and attacked by a more dead(ly) group of Labyrinth dwellers-


A knock down, ding-dong, sorta fight that rumbles on for, seemingly, centuries- must remember not to combine creatures that weaken and are also insubstantial- my bad. The guys take an age to battle through, and then- race on…

Session #9.06
Enc#033- The Grimmerzhul Trading Post.
PCs Level 5-

Back to the Hall- no time to waste, I wont let them- the guys dive on into the Trading Post and pick a fight with the closest Duergar, as tradition dictates, it all kicks off-


The fight is for a while a close-knit, in-your-face, hand-to-hand affair- that is until one of the Duergar Guards rushes out of the building and starts screaming the Seven Pillared Hall down. Very quickly a crowd gathers, a crowd which includes Bloodreavers, Guards and Brugg the Ogre, of course.

It could get very ugly, very quickly.

Session #9.07 Pick a Side.
PCs Level 5-

The guys are given a very brief chance to explain themselves… and so, they do.

Dirty gets the Hall’s attention, Phrenic but mostly Kaspard, explain everything that has happened- right from the very beginning, the crowd are soon on their side- the Bloodreavers et al present are looking for the exits.

Dirty garners a roar of approval when he tells the citizens that the Bloodreavers are dead and that the Hall is free once more, or indeed perhaps for the first time.

Joy abounds, and would you believe it Kaspard locates another magic item, a +2 Holy Symbol-


The guys also take a prisoner- Kedhira, Duergar Theurge, and the leader at the Trading Post.

Session #9.08 The Defenders of the Hall.
PCs Level 5-

The next day, after a well-earned rest, the guys meet with the same concerned citizens as were present at the Secret Meeting earlier, they assure those present that they are in this for the long haul- the Seven Pillared Hall is not safe from the Duergar now, the guys have a solution- kill the Duergar; and so- they swear, it shall come to pass.

The guys, whisper this, are heroes.

Session #9.09 To Grimmerzhul… Maybe.
PCs Level 5-

Only their plan goes a little wonky when Kedhira, their Duergar prisoner, refuses to tell the guys where the fortress, the Grimmerzhul, is located- with a little help from Charrak the guys get a rough idea but their path is far from certain.


And yet there is no other choice- the adventurers pack their stuff and head out again into the Labyrinth, once more Charrak guides the way, fingers-crossed they’ll find the Grimmerzhul.

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